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Biotop Group exlusive present in Russia market company Valley Longwall International Global Drilling Division (VLI Global Drilling) is market leader in the supply of in-seam directional drilling services and associated technical support services to the world’s underground coal mining industry.

VLI Global Drilling, with it’s headquarters in Beijing, China and our sister company REI with their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA are the only group in the world that is designing and manufacturing in seam directional drilling systems, as well as supplying contract in seam directional drilling services and associated technical support across the world’s coal mining industry.
With Contract Drilling Services, Technical Support and Training Services now being delivered across 5 continents and 12 countries and manufacturing facilities established in Australia, the US and China to deliver a range of In Seam Directional Drill Systems, Drilling Tools and Associated Gas Management Products, the Valley Longwall Group is uniquely experienced and positioned to supply turnkey drilling and gas management services opportunities to underground coal mines throughout the world.

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Smart drilling

Directional drilling for effective gas drainage ensures holes are drilled to a plan designed to achieve the best possible drainage in the shortest possible time.
Decreases or removes the potential for catastrophic disasters such as Gas Explosions and Outbursts in underground workings in gassy seams.


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